Saturday, 7 May 2011

Let Training Commence!

With the start of May came the official start of our planned training regime. Keswick Half Marathon was done by 2pm on May 1st, and so all that running becomes all that cycling as we do our best to prepare for the race in August.

We've planned out our training, incorporating long-distance rides and some days concentrating on hills (not looking forward to those so much!). We also plan to do one short bike ride during the week, and one spinning class a week (let's see what happens there!).

For some reason I can't swivel this...sorry!

The folks organizing the ride suggest that we should be cycling six days a week in preparation for such a challenge, but that just ain't happening here! We've already got so much going on that we can't really put that much pressure on ourselves. Dedication to those Saturday rides is an absolute must, and with the extra weekday training (plus running, swimming and badminton on the side) we're hoping that we'll be super fit by August 14th. Let's see!

So, as you can see from our very professional training plan, next week we'll take part in a 64-mile charity bike ride from Wetherby to Scarborough. This is a lot so soon, and will only be Daniel's third outing on his new bike! We do like a challenge :-)

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