Thursday, 26 May 2011

Spin to Win!

So, we braved it! Last week we hit the gym for the first of our spinning classes, taking the less fun and more difficult option when it comes to getting good on the bike. No hills in York's surrounding area means that we have to get a huge gym-instructor intent on reducing us to mush to create them, and he definitely did that!

We've both tried spinning before so we knew what was in store, but neither of us appear to have tried it in a listed building with no air conditioning to speak of. The open window wasn't too much help, unfortunately, and there was soon a puddle of sweat around each of our bikes, dripping off the handlebars in a rather satisfying fashion.

So, of course, it was hard, we were tired and wobbly, there were times when we wanted to give up or cry or fall off the bike. I suffered from intermittent cramp in my foot, and during the handlebar press-ups I was quite sure that I would slip right over the front of the bike thanks to the general soggyness of everything I touched.

All things considered, I actually really enjoyed it, in a dazed, should-have-had-a-banana-first sort of way. How often do I have a triangular man shouting at me unsympathetically because I can't go any faster than my actual fastest? Never! It's also worth mentioning that he did mumble the word 'good' to me when checking my pace and brake-tension at one point: I had to hold back from cheering (he turned up the dial on everyone else's bikes, mwa haha)!

From the brilliant film Run, Fat Boy, Run
So yes, it was deathly, but in a good, sweaty, give-it-your-all sort of way. And I felt amazing afterwards!

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