Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Year Ago Today...

One year ago today we were at the University of York sports centre playing badminton, when we saw a sign for a bike ride. We asked about it.

"Oh there's a 100-mile bike ride starting from here tomorrow, you can take part if you want!"

I didn't have a bike, and had never cycled more than 20 miles before. Daniel was keen, but equally unprepared.

"I'll get a bike and we can do it next year instead!" I said.

Two days later I got a new bike for my birthday (thanks Dad!).

One year later and we're actually about to do it! The Big Race is upon us!

We are stuffed full of pasta, our bags are packed with energy foods (a post on healthy energy is coming up soon!), our padded shorts are washed and laid out ready for the morning. All that is left to do is sleep (ha, let's see about that), eat a good breakfast and head over to the University.

I'm so excited. So absolutely terrified that after everything, something will go wrong, but still so excited. Wish us luck!!

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